Electrical work in private homes in Miami

Properly installed electrical wiring provides full power to light bulbs, heaters, air conditioners and other home appliances. After purchasing a new premises, the installation of home electrical equipment is the very first step that should be taken. Neither roughing nor finishing repairs without it are not performed.

All works on the organization of electrification of a house, apartment or any other premises in Miami should be entrusted to the management company Alexcom Engineering, it has been working in this market since 2019 and is ready to provide all the necessary list of engineering and electrical services. The company works with both residential, industrial and commercial projects in accordance with current standards. Those who reside in Miami know about this organization firsthand and turn only to trusted professionals.

Is it acceptable to perform electrical wiring installation in an apartment or house by yourself?

Of course, the owner of the house is quite capable of doing such things as to hang a light bulb or to install a simple household appliance. In this case, it is necessary to observe safety precautions and always disconnect the voltage beforehand. If there are more complex tasks to be performed, then the home master can make serious mistakes, missing important points. In this situation, the services of an electrician will become indispensable.

What implies the installation of electrical equipment in an apartment or a house?

Creating a full-fledged electrical network in the room does not mean a simple laying of the electric mains. It is important to ensure competent calculation and connection of the work of consumers so that they can fully function together with each other. As a result, living in a particular room will be reliable and safe not only for people, but also for equipment.

Alexcom Engineering specialists work strictly in accordance with the following algorithm:

Careful planning and competent load calculation;
selection of equipment and necessary components.

First of all, it is important to carefully develop a project of future electrical wiring. This will eliminate unnecessary spending and make the scheme part of the technical plan of the room. Next, the load is calculated, since the LED strip consumes only a few tens of watts, which distinguishes it against the background, for example, an electric boiler, which requires a thousand times more. A separate input is implied for the electric stove, their own routes are laid to provide wall and ceiling lighting. Taking into account the calculated load, it is necessary to choose suitable cables of a certain type and cross-section, the same can be said about switches and RCDs. It is important to make a list of elements in advance with a small reserve.

Assembly of the input panel

The next stage is the assembly of the input panel. We are talking about a kind of control panel, from which the switches and power lines are diverged. This device should be treated with special care, as it costs about a third of all costs, and its quality directly affects the reliability of the system as a whole. Next, all wires are laid in corrugated traces and fastened with clips. If necessary, individual cores are cut with a special tool, which will definitely not damage the conductor.

Laying of electrical wiring; installation of sockets and lamps.

The final stage is the installation of plafonds and sockets. Wires in this case are hidden in the groove and closing contacts, which can be selected by texture and color.

Why a professional approach is important when installing wiring?

If you have to work with electricity, there are no trifles in this case. Only professional electricians know the peculiarities of wiring in houses, apartments and offices. In addition, with their help, you can save on services, since they use in their work exclusively an industrial approach. This reduces the price by times.

Additional advantages of the services of professionals from Alexcom Engineering Company can be called:

Availability of specialized tools

High speed of wiring

Guaranteed reliability and quality

Availability of all necessary permits and certificates