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Outdoor Lighting Installation

Why You Should Choose Alexcom Engineering

The organization and installation of outdoor lighting require a meticulous approach. Its primary function is to facilitate comfortable movement during the darker hours. Adequate illumination is essential for both drivers and pedestrians. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of streets and buildings at night. Commercial enterprises, stores, hotels, entertainment complexes, and private homeowners all require quality lighting.

Benefits of Alexcom Engineering Services

If you’re considering outdoor lighting installation, seek the services of Alexcom Engineering. They have established a stellar reputation in this field since 2019. Their services are available in Florida. 


When partnering with Alexcom Engineering, you can expect a comprehensive range of electrical and engineering services. Their team of experts can execute lighting projects for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings with unmatched quality. The outdoor lighting they create adheres to the highest standards. Rest assured, there will be no need for rework after project completion. Efficient installation by the company’s professionals is carried out promptly with guarantees. Alexcom Engineering frequently offers promotional deals on lighting installations in Hallandale Beach. The company is staffed by genuine experts in their field. Depending on the project’s scale, 2 to 50 specialists might be involved. In addition to affordable installation, the company offers post-warranty maintenance for outdoor lighting systems. Here, they assist in choosing and purchasing lighting fixtures suitable for outdoor installations. Reliability and superior quality are guaranteed.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

At Alexcom Engineering, you can order architectural lighting. It is employed for illuminating fountains, bridges, historical and architectural buildings, sculptures, monuments, and various other structures. This type of lighting often employs powerful floodlights, linear lights, LED fixtures, and facade lights.


Facade lighting is also in high demand. Here, the building’s facade, entrance points, and standout structural elements are highlighted. Directional light fixtures, spotlights, and linear lights are ideal for this purpose. Accent lighting and various power floodlights are commonly used. Projection and laser equipment often create beautiful visual effects, as do LED strips and tubes. Lighting fixtures should be selected based on the envisioned project.

Key Points about Special Lighting

Alexcom Engineering specializes in creating unique lighting solutions. These projects demand a specialized approach tailored to utility objectives. Such lighting is required at construction sites, checkpoints, and technically complex structures. This category also includes security lighting for various terrains. Depending on the project’s specifications, the most suitable lighting tools are selected. The experts at Alexcom Engineering can manage even the most intricate projects, ensuring all client requirements and preferences are met. At Alexcom Engineering, you can also order informational and promotional lighting. They specialize in illuminating commercial center facades, office exteriors, store displays, and more. They can assist with lighting for advertising boards and building number signs.

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