Electrical Panels Installation in Miami

A central panel, commonly known as an electrical distribution panel, resembles a large metal cabinet containing automated protection equipment. Power cables are run through these panels, distributing electricity to various locations in a building or complex. Central panels are an integral part of every multi-storey building, serving to disrupt the flow of electricity and protect household appliances from burnouts.

Choosing the Right Specialist

Such tasks are permissible only for employees of specialized organizations with proper permits. If you seek a reliable and quality installation of central panels, it’s advisable to contact Alexcom Engineering. Our team of 50 experienced professionals has been handling electronic and electrical installations for over four years. Operating in Hallandale Beach and globally, we provide a 100% guarantee that their equipment will protect your appliances from burnouts. Our skilled experts carry out the installation of distribution panels quickly and at a high professional level.


Installation of central panels in Miami by Alexcom Engineering complies with international norms and standards. Their work eliminates the need for rework. Their expertise, experience, and professionalism enable them to handle even the most significant projects.

Navigating through the diverse and intricate world of electrical components can be challenging:


  • Main load breaker;
  • Electric meter that records the consumption of electric current by household appliances;
  • Residual current device (RCD);
  • Switching elements – terminals, busbars, etc.;
  • Automatic circuit breakers and fuses;
  • Low-voltage electrical cables.

Creating the Scheme

Before installing a central panel in a multi-storey building, specialists engage in designing the installation scheme. This rational distribution ensures the reliability of the entire system. Proper placement of electrical fuses, sensors, and other devices make the panel compact without compromising its features. Entrusting this responsible task to Alexcom Engineering assures post-warranty maintenance of the distribution panel. Furthermore, we offer installation at affordable prices.


When devising a scheme for the proper installation of central panels, it’s crucial to determine the number of protective disconnect devices. They are designed to interrupt the supply of electricity from the distribution panel to consumers in case of short circuits, power surges, or other emergencies. RCDs provide robust protection against many adversities. By turning to Alexcom Engineering for assistance, customers can frequently benefit from discounts due to their regular promotional offers, ensuring cost-effective solutions.

Professional Panel Assembly

The distribution panel is assembled post the scheme creation.

Assembly process:

  • Installing the cabinet in a specific niche or attaching it to the wall;
  • Stripping wires for perfect contact with terminals;
  • Installing the mounting busbar inside the cabinet;
  • Securing the electric meter and other components on the busbar;
  • Making jumpers from wire segments;
  • Connecting all elements into a unified circuit.
electrical panel installation in Florida

This concludes the assembly of the distribution panel.

Next, a visual inspection is conducted to ensure all connections’ quality. The electric meter’s connection and sealing take place in the presence of a controlling organization representative. The final step involves initiating its operation to verify all elements’ proper connection. After this trial run, the connected electrical panel undergoes another review, and any required adjustments are made.

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