Professional Lighting Installation

Key Advantages of Such Service

Installing lighting equipment is a task strictly for experts possessing specific skills and substantial experience. Amateur electricians are not suitable for this job due to the risk of damaging the expensive lighting gear. There are also cases where amateurs damage walls, power components malfunction, or warranties expire prematurely. Such pitfalls can be avoided by consulting a professional service that offers both the purchase and installation of lighting fixtures, adhering to all standards.


This service is available for everyone, eliminating the need to grapple with the intricacies of lighting installation. Entrusting this complex task to the team at Alexcom Engineering, which operates in Miami, can save both time and money. Their track record is proven by numerous residential, industrial, and commercial projects they’ve executed.

How Real Professionals Operate

When installing electronic devices, each specialist adheres to specific norms and rules:

Before the installation, a project plan is crafted to avoid mistakes and meticulously calculate power line loads. This document reflects all installation processes and materials used.

Wiring is meticulously laid using copper cables equipped with sturdy insulation. Additionally, conduit, pipes, metal trays or boxes are selected for wiring. Under no circumstances should power lines for both regular and emergency lighting be placed within the same cable channel.

For connections, soldering or welding is utilized, along with special terminals. Twisting or connecting dissimilar wires is strictly prohibited.

Guarantees, Prices, and Discounts on Lighting Installation

Those who opt for specialized services know that having professionals install vital lighting equipment is always economical. The service charge remains stable due to fixed rates, allowing every client to determine their expenditure upfront.


Installation and maintenance of electrical equipment are in high demand among various demographics. Even professional light fixture replacements can be cost-effective, as professionals primarily offer reasonable rates. Besides, they provide warranty commitments on installations at competitive prices. Furthermore, they boast swift response times. Should any issues arise, they are addressed expediently.

The Role of Planning

Without it, choosing the right number and types of lighting fixtures is challenging. The plan takes into account functionality, installation location, and other parameters. Three lighting types exist: general, task, and decorative. In the first case, pendant lights supplemented by wall variants are installed. Task lighting involves specific zones and directional light fixtures, while decorative lighting emphasizes interior or exterior attributes, producing visually appealing effects. Combining different fixture types during installation is permissible.

Wiring Installation Specifics

This work involves wiring installation, which should also be executed by professionals. For lighting, they only select special cables with copper conductors.

Professional Service – Lighting Repair

The specialized company in Miami, when needed, undertakes lighting equipment repair. This service is often sought when restoring system functionality, especially after damages related to extreme weather. Experts are also consulted for electrical network upgrades. They not only perform repairs but also offer equipment maintenance and ensure decorative lighting systems remain operational. Frequent promotions on installations and post-warranty maintenance are enticing for many. All components are periodically replaced as part of routine maintenance, following regulations.

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