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Advantages of Alexcom Engineering

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Miami, Florida

In recent years, electric cars have gained increasing popularity in Florida, and for good reason. They are environmentally friendly, economical to operate, and contribute to the improvement of the city’s air quality. However, for the effective use of an electric vehicle (EV), access to a reliable charging system is essential. Installing an EV charging station has thus become a pertinent task for many electric car owners in Hallandale Beach.

Why Choose Alexcom Engineering

Alexcom Engineering is an experienced and reliable company specializing in electrical and engineering services. Since 2019, it has been successfully operating in Miami, offering a comprehensive range of services for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. The company’s advantages include:


Professional Experience

Over its 4+ years of operation, Alexcom Engineering has assembled a team of professionals capable of addressing diverse challenges in electrotechnics and engineering. Each project is executed with utmost responsibility and in line with the highest quality standards.

Quality Assurance

Customers can rely on the top-notch quality of work from Alexcom Engineering. The company ensures that there's no need for rework post-project completion, which substantially saves time and resources.

Wide Range of Services

Besides various electrical and engineering services, the company specializes in the installation of EV charging stations, making it an ideal partner for electric car owners in Florida.
For a smooth transition to an electric car, a reliable charging installation at an affordable rate is paramount.
To address this need, you can confidently turn to the professionals at Alexcom Engineering.

Charging Station Features

An EV charging station is a specialized device connecting the car to the electrical grid for battery charging. Key features of these stations include:


Varying power levels influence the charging speed. Higher power equates to faster charging times.

Connector Type

There are standard connector types for charging. It’s vital to choose one compatible with your vehicle.

Management & Monitoring

Some chargers are equipped with remote management and monitoring capabilities via a smartphone application.

Benefits of EV Charging Station Installation with Alexcom Engineering

High-Quality Installation

Charging stations are installed by professional technicians, ensuring reliability and safety throughout the process.

Post-warranty Service

The company guarantees exemplary post-warranty maintenance of the installed EV charging stations, preventing potential future issues.

Promotional Offers

Periodically, Alexcom Engineering rolls out promotional offers for charging station installations, allowing customers to save money.

An Investment for the Future

An EV charging station is not just about convenience but is an investment for the future. Owners can charge their vehicles at home or work, saving time and money compared to using public charging stations.


At Alexcom Engineering, you can purchase top-quality EV chargers in Miami. They guarantee the longevity and reliability of their EV charging stations, making them an excellent choice for electric car owners.


Installing an EV charging station in Florida is an essential task that demands a professional approach. Alexcom Engineering offers high-quality services and guarantees impeccable results. Electric car owners in Hallandale Beach can rest assured that their vehicles are always ready for the road, thanks to the reliable charging system installed by the experts at Alexcom Engineering.

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