Ceiling Fan Installation in Miami

Since 2019, the specialists at Alexcom Engineering have been engaged in the installation of ceiling fans in Miami. The company caters to a wide array of engineering and electrical tasks for both residential and industrial projects.

As a prime contractor in Hallandale Beach, the firm delivers various services with a guarantee, including electrical installation, restoration, reconstruction, commissioning of smart home systems, and procuring the necessary permits for commercial, residential, and industrial operations.

Additionally, the company excels in installing both concealed and open surveillance systems.

ceiling fan installation in Florida
Even the most intricate ceiling fan installations are promptly and efficiently handled by the team. Every task undertaken strictly aligns with standards. With a team of over 50 skilled professionals, the company ensures that its installations are impeccable and don’t require post-installation adjustments. Particularly noteworthy is the team’s speed in conducting electrical installations.
The pricing for their services varies based on the intricacy of the engineering systems and the potential integration of innovative technologies. The design costs may escalate based on the utilization of alternative electricity sources, advanced solutions related to the automation of various engineering systems, and the use of eco-friendly, harmless materials.

Types of Ceiling Fans

Professional ceiling fan installation begins with selecting the right model:
install universal ceiling fan in Florida

Suitable for all spaces, whether indoor or outdoor like verandas and terraces. Many come with remote controls.

install domestic ceiling fan in Florida

Medium-powered fans designed for apartments and houses, which are aesthetically pleasing.

install outdoor ceiling fan in Florida

Equipped with superior protection and resistant to temperature fluctuations. Anti-corrosion coatings ensure these fans resist rust.

industrial ceiling fan installation in Florida

Noteworthy for their high power and long service life, they are ideal for shopping malls, factory workshops, and public places.

Selection Criteria for Ceiling Fans

When purchasing, the primary consideration is the energy consumption. Power dictates the volume of air circulated within a given time frame. Based on the optimal power, one can choose a fan size. For a 10 m² area, a fan with a 76 mm blade span is appropriate, while larger rooms of 50 m² require fans with a 1320 mm blade span. Additional features also play a significant role in the selection.


The most convenient models are those with adjustable blade rotation speeds, which can be either automatic or controlled via a remote. If budget permits, it’s advisable to opt for high-tech devices equipped with electronic timers. Such devices are programmable, operate in auto mode, and can adjust blade speed on their own, switching off as needed.

Sensors for humidity and motion are other attractive features. These contribute to energy savings by activating the fans in the presence of individuals or during elevated humidity. Many modern ceiling fans also offer air ionization, infusing the atmosphere with pleasant fragrances.


German-made ceiling fans are particularly in demand. They are renowned for their reliability, sturdy construction, stylish designs, and year-round operability. Despite their power and blade rotation speed, many German fans consume minimal electricity. Another attractive feature is their silent and vibration-free operation.


If you’re looking for cost-effective installation, consider Alexcom Engineering. We offer promotional installation rates and provide post-warranty services.

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