Power Supply System Replacement: A Crucial Service in Miami

Over time, any building—be it residential or commercial—will experience considerable wear and tear on its electrical supply system due to natural factors. This results in the need for either repair or complete replacement. With the high demand for electricity in modern settings, power supply system replacement in Miami is an increasingly sought-after service. Many Miami residents entrust this work to the management company Alexcom Engineering.

Why Choose Alexcom Engineering?

Established in 2019, Alexcom Engineering has rapidly gained the trust of numerous clients in Miami. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, from engineering to electrical work, catering to all types of facilities—residential, industrial, and commercial.

All projects, including power supply system replacement in Miami, are carried out in full compliance with industry standards, ensuring their high quality and reliability. Both warranty and post-warranty services are provided. The firm offers installation and subsequent repair services at competitive prices. Their staff’s high level of expertise further guarantees the superior quality of the work conducted.

When Replacement is Required

In modern-day Miami and other cities, one of the most common causes of issues in electrical supply systems is voltage fluctuations. The following symptoms indicate that a power supply system replacement in Miami may be necessary:
  • Areas on the wires where insulation has melted or is even mechanically damaged;
  • Cables consistently overheating;
  • Electric meters sparking;
  • Circuit breakers frequently tripping.
Unfavorable symptoms are also noticeable at the household level when using electrical appliances: there’s a smell of burning during their operation, and outlets and switches often malfunction. All these issues point to the need for electrical equipment replacement, which should not be postponed to avoid the risk of fire.

How the Replacement Process Works

The process of major repair or electrical system replacement in Miami starts with the design phase. The project outlines the sources of electricity, the calculated power capacity, the number of electrical devices, and the layout schematics, marking the locations for equipment. Several crucial factors are considered in the design phase. For example, the cross-sectional area of the wiring must match the anticipated load. Afterward, a budget is drafted, and devices are selected based on their operational characteristics.

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Here’s the order in which the work is typically executed:


Installation of Input Distribution Devices

These are set up at the entrance of the supply line and are responsible for energy intake and subsequent distribution.

Cable and Wire Removal

Existing cables and wires are dismantled.

Cable Channel Evaluation

If the old cable channels meet the project requirements, new cables are laid in them. If not, new channels are created.

Lighting System Installation

Automated lighting controls may be introduced at this stage. Many clients prefer energy-saving lighting fixtures. In addition to these, the lighting system may include time, motion, and light sensors, which can substantially reduce electricity consumption.

Energy Meter Replacement

Modern meters, known for their high accuracy, replace the old ones.

Electrical Panel Installation

The installation strictly adheres to all fire safety regulations.
In the final phase, the system is connected to the input distribution devices. Afterward, the new system undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is fully operational and free from defects. If the tests reveal no flaws, the electrical system replacement is considered complete.

If you’re in need of an electrical system replacement in Miami, reach out to Alexcom Engineering. The company promises quality work completed in the shortest possible time frame.