Tankless Water Heater Installation

To address the issue of lacking hot water, it is recommended to install a tankless water heater, also known as an on-demand or instantaneous heater. This device heats water directly as it flows through the system, without the need for a storage tank.


Connecting a tankless water heater ensures you have hot water anytime, in any amount. The device’s principle of operation lies in the water passing through a high-powered heating element, instantly heating it as it flows. In Miami, you can purchase such a device from the Alexcom Engineering website, where they also offer promotional installation deals. The work is performed to the highest quality standards by professionals who guarantee expert installation.

Advantages of the Tankless Water Heater


These heaters are generally more compact compared to traditional units. They take up less space and can be installed even in constrained areas.

Instant hot water

No waiting for a tank to heat up. You get hot water on-demand, anytime.


The device heats water only when required, saving energy as there's no need to maintain a tank full of hot water.

Ease of use

They are easy to install and maintain, and are highly reliable. No frequent tank cleaning or maintenance is needed.


As water is heated only when it flows through, the risk of overheating and hot water loss is minimal, making tankless water heater connections highly sought after.

Installation Process

The process of connecting a tankless water heater goes as follows:


Choosing the installation spot

Determine where the heater will be positioned, ensuring it doesn't disrupt the interior décor. It's typically mounted on a wall but can also be placed under a sink or other convenient locations.


Prepare the necessary components related to the connection, including special pipes, electrical wires, or gas lines, adhering to manufacturer guidelines and local regulations.

Wall mounting

The technician marks the wall according to the manufacturer's instructions. They then attach a bracket or specialized plate to the wall using anchors and screws.

Water connection

Inlet and outlet water pipes are connected to the respective ports on the heater. Typically, the inlet supplies cold water, and the outlet delivers hot water to taps or other users.

Power or gas connection

If electric, the device is connected to the power supply following the manufacturer's instructions. If it operates on gas, it's connected to the gas lines.

Checking and configuration

After installation, the technician ensures correct mounting and checks for leak-tight connections. They then test the device by turning on hot water to ensure proper functioning.

Why It’s Essential to Hire Professionals

It’s vital to highlight that connecting a tankless water heater demands specific skills and knowledge. Therefore, it’s best not to take risks and call professionals from Alexcom Engineering in Miami. Not only will you save a significant amount of time and effort, but the company’s cost-effective installation ensures financial savings. The technicians provide a warranty for the equipment and their services, and they also offer post-warranty maintenance.

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