Power Restoration and Electrical Service Upgrade

A Comprehensive Approach by Alexcom Engineering

Most consumers rarely consider the origins of their electrical supply until it stops functioning as it should. No modern individual is prepared for such inconveniences, and naturally, the primary goal becomes fixing the issue. The best course of action is to turn to a reliable contractor in Miami who can handle the task efficiently and competently. Alexcom Engineering fits this description perfectly. Operating in the utility services sector since 2019, the company has garnered the trust of hundreds of clients in Miami—property owners and managers of various commercial and industrial projects. Our dependable contractors adhere to high standards, ensuring reliability, quality, and guaranteed satisfaction. With no need for corrections or alterations post-project, the team of specialists can range from 2 to 50 or more, depending on the project complexity.

When is an Electrical Service Upgrade Necessary?

Upgrades or restorations to the electrical system in Miami should be initiated based on specific signs or symptoms. Immediate action is warranted if:
  • Aluminum wiring is present in the electrical system.
  • The property has been in use for at least 49 years without any prior electrical system upgrade or restoration in Miami.
  • Overall wiring quality is dubious; for instance, information about its current state is lacking, or it’s unclear who installed it and how.
  • Fuses made of fusible materials were used in the system setup.
  • Frequent fuse replacements are needed, applicable to properties of any type.
  • Inconsistencies or interruptions in electrical supply are noted, such as flickering lights.
  • New equipment with high electricity consumption has been installed. This could range from industrial machinery to household appliances like split AC systems or electric ovens.
  • An unexplained buzzing sound comes from the electrical panel.
  • Sockets and switches function inconsistently.
Today, the need for power restoration or an electrical system upgrade in Miami is evident in the majority of properties—residential, office, and industrial alike. While some may view these measures as drastic—especially when facilities continue to be operational—ignoring signs of an outdated or subpar electrical system is not an option.

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The Risks of Neglecting Power Restoration or Electrical Service Upgrades

 Choosing not to invest in electrical system restoration or upgrades in Miami can lead to severe, predictable consequences. Foremost among these are fires sparked by an overburdened, outdated system. Additionally, equipment often becomes irreparably damaged, making repairs either pointless or prohibitively expensive.

Specifically, neglecting to upgrade your electrical system can result in:

  • Fires and all associated repercussions, including damage to property and potential loss of life.
  • Equipment malfunction, which is particularly critical for industrial facilities.
  • Operational difficulties with your electrical system. Sockets and switches may fail to perform their functions, and there’s also the risk of far graver outcomes. Equipment connected to a faulty or outdated system can become lethal hazards to users.
Opting for electrical system restoration or upgrades through Alexcom Engineering in Miami is a sound decision, one that includes post-warranty service. This approach ensures the safety and longevity of your building, equipment, and most importantly, the people who work or reside there. While the costs of such upgrades are significant, it’s worth noting that this investment is long-term. The exact lifespan of an upgraded system varies based on the property’s function, but generally speaking, we’re talking decades.


By acting proactively, you not only secure your assets but also mitigate the risk to human life and well-being.