Miami electrical repair

Alexcom Engineering specializes in the repair and replacement of electrical equipment in Miami. Operating since 2019, the company serves residential, industrial, and commercial clients. Its team of skilled professionals, numbering over 50 staff members, performs work of varying complexities, always adhering to all necessary requirements. Utilizing modern equipment and original components, the company ensures that additional services are not required after their intervention, underlining their expertise and high professionalism.

Reasons to Choose Our Services

One of the key attractions for customers is our blend of affordable pricing with a high level of professional expertise. Additionally, we offer long-term warranties following any service, providing an extra layer of assurance.

Post-Warranty Service

Another crucial reason to engage professionals is for post-warranty service of replaced or repaired electrical installations. The experts at Alexcom Engineering guarantee the utmost reliability and high quality of work. Failure to carry out regular preventative procedures on distribution panels or replacing electrical equipment makes the likelihood of a short circuit and subsequent fires 1 in 3. To avoid this, the total power of all electrical devices should not exceed the power supplied by the electrical grid.

FPL Meter Socket Repair

FPE & Zinsco Panel Replacement

Fuse Panel to Circuit Panel Replacement

Code Violation Repair

Replacement of Power Supply System

Complete Replacement of Lighting System

Power Restoration. Electrical Service Upgrade.

Signs of Electrical Equipment Malfunction

One of the signs of issues is the periodic, and then more frequent, electrical outages at home or the business premises. These are often detected by sensors installed in the electrical distribution panels that prevent short circuits, thereby averting more serious issues. It’s recommended to check the electrical panel and replace the equipment annually. Clients who contact Alexcom Engineering every 6 months can avail themselves of quality repair services without full replacement, thereby saving on costs.

Pay attention to dim, flickering lights, electrical outlets that give shocks, and the smell of melting wires or obvious burning. Flickering lights often signal the first signs of equipment malfunction and could be indicative of issues with the wiring or loose wire connections. Even shocking electrical outlets are not as dangerous as the smell of burning, which poses the risk of fire.

Common Reasons for Electrical Equipment Failure


Low Voltage in the Electrical Grid

This can lead to suboptimal performance and even breakdowns of electrical devices.

Overloaded Electrical Network

Too many devices connected to a single power source can cause overheating and ultimately equipment failure.

Devices Operating on Dual Phases

Incorrect phasing may result in unstable operation and potential short-circuits.

Transient Voltage Spikes in Switching Devices

Sudden voltage fluctuations can damage electronics.

Prolonged Use Beyond Operational Lifespan

Using equipment beyond its intended lifespan increases the risk of failure.

Mechanical Damage During Installation or Repair

Poor-quality installation or repairs can lead to further issues down the line.

The Necessity of Using Original Electrical Equipment

Opting for original, high-quality electrical equipment is crucial not only for compliance with safety standards and reliability but also for the sustained and long-term performance of the system. Genuine transformers, automatic and mechanical circuit breakers, power cables, and regular wiring should all be purchased from reputable suppliers with the appropriate certifications. The use of counterfeit or substandard equipment can result in severe consequences, including emergencies.