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Professional installation of ceiling fans in Miami, Florida – what should you pay attention to

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One of the most popular options to cool down a room is to install a ceiling fan. This way you gain a number of advantages, which you would usually be forced to achieve by multiple actions. It is important to install a ceiling fan while following all the rules, however simple this process may seem to you – entrust this task to Alexcom Engineering’s team of specialists. In Hallandale Beach they perform the installation as intended and follow all the necessary precautions. They gained a level of trust in Miami thanks to a long time of providing services and the professionalism of their employees.

Improved air circulation

Ceiling fans are capable of moving a large volume of air, creating continuous circulation in the room. This way, air is distributed evenly, preventing areas of stale or heated air from appearing.

Energy conservation

If you compare ceiling fans to other means of air conditioning, the former consume less electricity. An air conditioner requires up to 90% more power than a fan, which can cause your electricity bill to look quite differently.

Temperature versatility

Ceiling fans freshen up the air without actually cooling it down – the effect is achieved through constant air circulation. During summer, you can adjust fan speed to create a visibility of coolness. During winter there’s a common practice to reverse the fan’s spin – warm air builds up at the top of the room.


Decorative qualities

Ceiling fans are a practical device, but they fit many decors as well. There’s a vast array of size, style and make for them, so you can choose the one that fits your room’s style specifically.

A number of models are outfitted with additional lighting – you can use one as a lamp.

Simplicity of use and maintenance

After a specialist installs a ceiling fan, it requires minimal maintenance. It’s enough to clean the fan blades from time to time, so they wouldn’t spread dust instead of air.

How high is the cooling effect of a ceiling fan

It is a popular method in areas, where it is required to cool down a room during summer heat. Aside from that, ceiling fans are cost-effective, what puts them slightly above a fully-fledged air conditioner. You can keep a room’s temperature on a comfortable level using such a simplistic device.

A lot of things also depend on the criteria, according to which you choose a ceiling fan – fan blades spin speed, room area, ceiling height.

Ceiling fans usually come with a function of speed control. That way you can adapt their work to the user’s needs. The faster it spins, the stronger you feel the cooling effect due to air moving more intensely. But it is important to remember that air isn’t actually getting colder – it is a thermal illusion, created by the constant movement of air masses.

It is important to bear in mind the size of the room, since one fan can only do so much. A single device is enough to freshen up a room of a moderate size, but a larger ones require several ceiling fans or even additional cooling systems to achieve the desired effect.

Ceiling height will determine the effectiveness of a ceiling fan. It is preferable for it to be low, since cold air roams at the floor level, and the fan blades pick it up and spread it across the room.